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New Casino Forum has launched a new casino forum. The casino forum represents one of many improvements the site has made over the past month. In that short amount of time, the site has awarded many casinos in their Leading Casinos award. That is all on top of the new design the site has undergone which was developed from has choosen a unique domain for their website and rebranded it away from Their domain features a blend of branding with keywords that are relevant to their users as the name implies it is about current casino bonuses and offers.

The new casino forum uses Discourse software which is only a few years old and is a big change from an industry standpoint as most affiliates work with software that has been around for longer. Discourse has an advantage of speed plus it has a simpler design and is running on newer technologies. The idea behind Discourse forum was to have it simple so the focus is on user discussions and not on a bulky software.

So what's next for Casino Bonuses Now? The site is continuing to add more features and the site offers no clues as to what that will be but we can only assume it will be good things.

Without a doubt the site will aim to be listed as part of the iGB affiliate awards to acknowledge the best casino affiliate sites out there. Anybody can vote for your favorite affiliate sites while affiliates can vote on their best affiliate programs.


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