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Exciting Gaffg Features For Affiliates And Webmasters

There’s a lot to be excited about with Gaffg’s re-launch and redesign. Not only has it become more responsive and better looking than ever, the site has also streamlined its focus to cover only gambling affiliate programs. So what can affiliates and webmasters expect with the new and improved Gaffg?

Affiliate Coaching

Attaining success in the affiliate marketing industry can be daunting for both beginners and experienced webmasters or affiliates. One approach to increasing this success rate is Affiliate Coaching. Gaffg’s John Wright has been in the affiliate marketing business for several years now. Not only has he worked with top casino affiliate programs, he’s also had experience coaching his own sub-affiliates. With Gaffg’s Affiliate Coaching service, John is able to provide 1 on 1 help and coaching for those who sign up as a sub-affiliate. A few of the affiliates that he has coached now boast of consistent 4 to 5 figure earnings on a monthly basis.

Affiliate Programs

In line with the Gaffg’s redesign, the format for its affiliate program reviews have also been streamlined and improved. The most telling change now would be the exclusion of binary options and forex affiliate programs due to these having earned a negative reputation over the years. Committing its focus on gambling affiliate programs with the redesign, the site has now ensured that its reviews featured all the important details. The inclusion of these details would allow affiliates and webmasters to have a more informed choice when it came time to joining their affiliate program of choice.

Mobile Casinos And Lotteries

Aside from sportsbetting, bingo, poker and casino affiliate programs , Gaffg also has a growing list of mobile casino and lottery affiliate programs. Along with the site’s new design and exclusion of bingo options and forex affiliate programs, this another of the exciting changes implemented on the site. With more players prefering to play their favorite casino games on their mobile devices, mobile casino brands are now becoming more profitable to promote. Gaffg has seen the need to provide comprehensive and detailed resources that makes it easier for affiliates and webmasters to choose the affiliate programs that best fit their markets and means of promotion.

Other Notable Features

Most affiliates and webmasters might be unaware of it but good User Experience Design can mean a whole lot for improving clickthrough rates and even conversions. Gaffg has a wealth of resources that affiliates and webmasters can refer to for their SEO, Graphic Design, and even Content Writing needs. These resources include articles that cover tips for good User Experience Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO, as well as Social Media Marketing.

More To Come

The affiliate marketing industry is always in a state of change with new affiliate programs being debuted every year. Gaffg’s new design allows it a lot of flexibility when it comes to covering these changes. Thanks to this, affiliates and webmasters can expect to always have the most up-to-date content that they can use for their campaigns.


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