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Domain Conferences 2015

If you are new to domaining then you'll realize how big the industry of buying and selling domains has become. After all domains are just virtual addresses and like virtual real estate but without the house and all of that.

The Domain Conference, Sept 2015, Florida, USA

This event has just ended but it was a big long event and cost $699 to attend. They have over 6000 people following their Facebook page so this one was the real deal, until next year.

NamesCon, Jan 2016, Las Vegas, USA

This event is just around the corner and we included it so you could plan for a future event. Is currently $399 to attend.

5th International Domain Conference, Nov 2015, Paris, France

This event is free to attend but you have to make a reservation.


This event will be happening next at NamesCon.


Price: $0 - $50000

Age: 0 - 20

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